Wet end

Wet end chemicals for leather

The quality of our solution portfolio, from Beamhouse to Finishing, contains both the experience of leather making and the latest technologies for a sustainable production of leathers. Everything is conceived and designed to transform an ancient and natural material into a unique and precious leather article.

Nothing beats a luxury armchair or a pair of handmade shoes for sheer comfort and pleasure. We are proud to be a part of that experience. Our own factories, laboratories and worldwide sales and service network create the strength we need in order to respond on the environmental challenges the leather industry is facing.

We have become one of the market leaders by focusing on innovation, and specializing in the development, production and application of wet end solutions.

Leather is our passion, it is the essence of what we do

Special wet end dyes

As Italian-based experts, we have been making the finest dyestuffs since 1976. Today, we are keen to offer sustainable alternatives as well, without compromising on performance. This ambition, together with years of experience and our Italian aesthetic, all come together in three uniquely colorful dye ranges.

Discover our Leather Dyes collection: Metal-Free, Metal-Complex, and Superb Fastness.

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