Ilsa start biomass characterizations (05/09/16)

Ilsa start biomass characterizations

Life biopol project is entirely focused on the re-use of agro-industial and leather by-products.

Ilsa has selected the following raw materials for biopolymer syntheses:

  • Plant derived matrices: leguminous crop, cereals, sugar crane and sugar beet
  • Animal derived matrices: hides and skins from tannery (wet blue)

Vegetable biomasses are suitable sources of compounds of the carbohydrated family. While animal derived biomasses are known to have a high content in essential amino acids. For the first analytical screening and characterization, the selected raw materials we five:

  • four raw materals from soybean
  • one raw material from corn

The biomass characterization will be performed using the official anatytical fertilizers methods according to the Itilian regulation (D.Lgs.75/2010) or other specific methods.