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Codyeco`s range of renewable finishing products

Codyeco, as part of the Royal Smit & Zoon company, promotes the use of leather chemicals based on renewable ingredients and innovate new chemicals with more renewability. The final aim is to have leather chemicals that are completely based on renewable origins. Codyeco aims that those innovative new renewables or bio-based (fully or partially) leather chemicals provide excellent leather performance. In addition, they can be easily handled by tanneries during the leather-making process and can be processed well in the effluent treatment with a minimal environmental footprint.

In Finishing Codyeco has developed now for leather goods, footwear, and furniture upholstery a number of (partial) biobased products. The new Finishing Bio-Based products are an ideal starting point to replace petrochemical-based products and to enable to produce the same high-quality leathers as with existing, commonly available Finishing products. Although not yet fully bio-based or renewable and not yet usable for all types of leather articles it is the first major step.

Circularity goal

Ultimately, Codyeco also aims that the leather chemicals we provide for leather making enable full circularity. Codyeco is innovating and each drop makes a difference and we are in for the long run. Our new higher renewable chemicals enable us to make more sustainable eco-design leather goods and footwear and are a major element in our contribution towards the UN SDG goal no. 12 to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Our Finishing products for high renewability

In the existing leather finishing portfolio Codyeco offers the following new coating products which we recommend for high renewability of bio-based origin:

Chemical Level of renewability
Coatings Note: most products in the market available currently are fully petrochemical-based and with no renewability.
Cody bind 723 85.50%
Cody bind 732 92%
Cody Bind 741 70%
Cody Bind 784 70%
Cody Bind 700 79.80%
Cody Bind K 781 95%
Cody Bind K 791 75%
Smitpro K 1170 60%
LA 5209 75%
LA 5330 94%
LA 5368 60.80%
LC A 77 90%
LC 5340 67%
LC 5384 83.50%
LV 5337 88%
LV 5342 46.80%
LV 5633 87.50%
LV 5667 86%
LV 5765 87%
Dukoil PL 40%
Dukoil WW 72.90%
Cody Oil K 1029 100%
Cody Oil 1034 50%
Smitoil 1102 71.50%
Smitoil 1115 97.50%
Smitoil N 1101 75%
Cody Wax 495 99%
Cody Wax 421 73.50%
Smitwax 1236 48.60%
Snower X 900 48%
Carterx 100 96.60%
Bright Black LP 78.50%
Modifikator KE/L 53.50%
Modifikator TC 48%
Smitfeel 3282 S 100%
Basemask N 5519 33,25%
Smitbase K 5012 61%
Cody Soft 2111 66%
Smitlac NYW 7623 45%
Smitlac MW 7006 75%
E.Lack 2022F 85%
E.Lack 2018 85%
Smitlac MW 7447 69%
Cody Pur BIO 100 52%
Cody Top BIO 200 60%

ZDHC level 3 certified

All of these products will be or are ZDHC Level 3 certified. The renewability is calculated based on our production recipes (raw material composition) and information provided for the ingredients by our suppliers. As with the raw materials, the calculation is based on the active matter only.

Codyeco as part of the Smit & Zoon company continues to develop better renewable leather finishing products. We can support leather makers to find the right performance on each aspect of the leather including durability and maximize the use of more bio-based or renewable products.

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