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Our mission is to provide high-quality solutions for partners in the leather industry. We reach this goal by being prompt and adaptive in meeting market demands and by assisting our customers with excellent technical service throughout all stages of our processes. We know how to stay ahead of the times, proposing innovative technical and chemical solutions, as well as more sustainable use of natural resources for the whole industry. We respect our employees and always aim to satisfy the needs of our stakeholders.

Sustainable solutions:


The LIFE BIOPOL  project involves five public and private members: CODYECO, chemical company responsible for project coordination, DERCOSA and INPELSA tanneries, University Ca’ Foscari of Venice and ILSA a biotechnology company specializing in plant-nutrition products.

The LIFE BIOPOL main target is the synthesis of a new class of biopolymers that represent an innovative, eco-fiendly and suitable alternative to traditional products based on petrochemicals, currently used in leather making process.

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