Liquid dyes for leather


Leather Dyes

Basetone White Ti-free

A new range of dyes

Ecometal is a new range of liquid dyes suitable for water-based applications during finishing.

In order to be more sustainable, these products have been engineered through the use of special acid dyes that do not contain complex metals in their molecules and therefore can be considered metal-free. They comply with the most stringent eco-toxicological characteristics currently required.

Ecometal dyes are extremely versatile and can be used with spraying, candling, or roller coaters and are particularly suitable for immersion dyeing systems.

Product features

Ecometal leather dyes show:

  • High concentration
  • High dyeing capacity
  • Pure and bright shade
  • High uniformity and levelling
  • Excellent performance in PVC migration

Ecometal is ZDHC certified.

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