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Leather is our passion, it is the essence around which everything we do revolves. The quality of our portfolio of solutions, from beamhouse to finishing, concerns both experience in leather processing and the use of the latest technologies for sustainable leather production. Everything is conceived and designed to transform an ancient and natural material into a unique and precious item.

We work facing the challenges that the leather industry faces today, always keeping the protection of the environment, health and quality at the centre. The range of special solutions we offer plays an important role in determining the final properties and quality of the finished leather; tanneries use our solutions, relying on our experience and the high quality standards we guarantee.

Our processes


The phases of leather production between curing and tanning are, as a whole, called beamhouse operations.

This set of processes includes fundamental operations such as greening, liming, descaling, maceration, various mechanical operations and plating.

The leather/collagen is optimally prepared for the next tanning phase.

Wet end

We have become one of the leaders in the chemical market by focusing on innovation and specialising in the development, production and application of solutions for the wet part of the leather.

As Italian experts, we have been producing the best dyes since 1976. Today we also want to offer sustainable alternatives, without compromising performance in the slightest.

This ambition, combined with our Italian aesthetics, gives rise to ranges of dyes with unique colours.


At Codyeco we are specialists in finishing, a set of activities that determine the appearance of the final surface of the leather and the properties of the surface itself.

This includes colouring, waterproofing, waxing, and the final tactile appearance, but also mechanical processing phases such as ironing and printing, carried out both with historical and innovative methodologies such as digital prints.

We are quick and flexible in meeting customer requests: the many years of experience behind us and our know-how make us the perfect partner for those who deal with fashion, footwear accessories or work as high-end leather goods.


Sustainable and high-quality solutions.