Basetone White Ti-free

The white pigment of innovation


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Basetone White Ti-free

An absolute novelty on the market

Codyeco introduces an innovative white pigment called Basetone White Ti-Free into the leather finishing market , formulated with an insoluble and non-harmful inorganic substance and 100% free from TiO2. The technology of the White Ti-Free Basetone allows the user to achieve a very high covering power and excellent physical solidity properties without losing refractive index, resulting in great white intensity.

Thanks to its special formulation, this pigment fits perfectly on white leather without metals according to the ISO 15115: 2019 specification.

Features and application

It is a white pigmented paste free from casein and titanium, with good dyeing power to be used on all types of items. White Ti-Free Basetone has excellent physical performance:

  • PVC migration EN IOS 15701: grade 5 (evaluation with the greyscale)
  • Lightfastness EN ISO 105 B02‐ 150 hours: grade 8 (evaluation with the Blue Scale)
  • Heat resistance 30′ >200 °C

For more technical details you can request the technical data sheet.

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