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Leather & Fashion Trends

Season: Spring – Summer 2025

Codyeco is the Italian specialist in leather finishing for fashion articles. Creating colors and textures for footwear, garments, bags, belt and other leather goods. We welcome you to the Spring Summer 2025 season, where the art of fashion merges with an enchantment of colors, transporting us into four exciting chromatic scenarios.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of DELICATE, the energy of WILD ROOTS, the surreal elegance of DIGITAL AURA or the mystery of MIRAGE, Spring Summer 2025 offers a variety of color experiences to embrace.

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“Delicate” embodies the beauty in simplicity and the enchantment in the ephemeral. In this scenario, we travel through a universe of fragility and delicacy, immersed in rarefied rural atmospheres. The theme celebrates fragility as a virtue and invites us to immerse ourselves in a world of lightness and refinement.


The colors of the scene include shades of very light pinks, sky blues and bleached lemon yellows, combined with natural shades of beige. This palette captures the essence of the season with tones that evoke the freshness of flower petals, the clear skies of summer days and bright rays of sunshine. The use of neutral shades completes the “Delicate” look, providing a sophisticated base that emphasizes purity and lightness.


In this fascinating scenario, we will transport you to a tropical world, immersing you in the wild and mysterious atmospheres of the most remote jungles on the planet such as the Amazon. This theme celebrates the lush, pristine beauty of nature, capturing the essence of a vibrant world, where every step is an adventure.

The colors that dominate the scenario are the shades of green that recall the dense vegetation of the jungles, giving a natural sensation. The yellow accents evoke the sun’s rays filtering through the branches of the trees while the bright red adds a touch of passion and intensity, recalling the exotic flowers and brightly colored birds that populate these remote lands.


The scenario transports us to a digital universe, where shapes come to life and everything shines with a supernatural charm. This theme invites us to explore the magical potential of technology and embrace the idea that beauty can also reside in the digital universe by experimenting with shapes, colors and materials in ways that challenge us in pushing the reality boundaries.

“Digital Aura” is the embodiment of an alternate reality, a place where technology and creativity merge to create a stunning aesthetic. The hues of this theme transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. The bright pastels with a lilac, purple and pink soul evoke the delicacy of a digital sunset, while the brighter shades of jewel greens and crystal greens give a touch of luxury and mystery.


Mirage is a theme that transports the imagination to a world of oriental and desert inspiration, where elegance blends with the sand dunes majesty. The will and desire for enchanting places with exotic charm give light to this scenario, capable of conveying sensations of tranquility and refined aesthetic research in shapes and colors.

Mirage’s natural, earthy shades evoke the desert’s innate beauty, with shades ranging from sandy beige to terracotta brown. These shades are enriched by sandy greens, recalling rare oases dotting the desert landscape, and by neutral peach shades, which add a delicate freshness to the environment.

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