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Leather Fashion Trends

Season: Spring-Summer 2024


For spring-summer 2024, Codyeco has developed four scenarios reflecting at their best the future market needs. The core element is the human figure with its senses and relating with different elements in favor of a total awakening and fulfillment.

In lazy days, the relationship is with country landscapes,
with a spring soul through which to take a break from the daily rush. In artisan jungle, wilder and more rustic settings are capable of bringing us closer to the natural cycles and the artisanal traditions lately abandoned. With deep water, water becomes the instrument to create a connection between us and the surrounding natural universe, while with sunlight it is the light of the sun, with its rays and its aura, that gives us the warm energy we have been often waiting for.

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The scenario comes from the need we all have, for self-cuddling by taking a break from our daily routine. Country landscapes help our soul being lulled from the sweetness of doing nothing, wrapping it with grass blades and kissing it with the first spring sun rays.


A chromatic palette dominated by natural tones where beiges, greens, and caramel oranges are caressed by a tepid light of pale pinks and mauve accents. Yellow, reminding of wheat fields under the sunlight, is capable to enlighten and make harmonic the whole range.



A scenario encouraging the dialogue with nature, primitive and wild, putting in evidence the importance of the natural cycles. The goal is to minimize everything artificial and focus on real and authentic processes by drawing on tradition and on the know-how of the indigenous people.


The chromatic palette has a raw and wild soul, where browns are declined in several shades, from the more intense one reminding of the soil to the light rope one. Indigo blue and green remind of the typical natural dyeing which are well mixed with the earth tones.



Water is here the essential element and its abysses become a seductive and intriguing scenario. To dive and be carried towards unknown but reassuring worlds by water, a universally known element, allow us to feel a sort of healing therapy capable to tear down boundaries between us and nature.


A color palette coming alive from the infinite shades of water, dominated by blue and greenish tones. Yellow, core element of this range, has the capacity to infuse energy to the whole harmony and to give a general vision that is stronger and dreamlike.



The scenario comes from the need to narrate wellness feelings capable to warm our body and soul. Breathtaking sunset tropical landscapes, become the perfect dimension to be overwhelmed by a warm light, energizing, capable of awakening all our senses.


A color palette with the power of creating full summer and enlightened feelings, thanks to the sunlight reflected on each tint. Orange and golden shades dominate while dark maroons, bright reds, papaya nuances and luminous yellows recreate deep harmonies.

The chromatic palettes retrace tones and shades that inspired the research for the four proposed scenarios. A season of prevailing beiges, browns, and all the classic colorations in general reminding of the earth and the natural elements.

The chromatic scenario is featured by the presence of a very strong sunlight that creates golden glazings on some tints such as papaya and terracotta. Another key element of the season is blue in its different declinations, from the ink one to the greenish one, reminding of the sea abysses.

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