Renewability Wet End

Codyeco`s range of renewable wet end products

The Codyeco highly renewable range includes products that combine a high degree of sustainability with excellent haptic properties, in order to allow the production of more sustainable and high-performance leather to satisfy the increasingly demanding market demands.
The creation of this range of products was possible thanks to the use of raw materials deriving from biotechnological processes with low or zero environmental impact.
Using these products it is, therefore, possible to significantly increase the index of skin renewability calculated with the carbon 14 method (ASTM D6866) and, at the same time, obtaining high-quality leathers.

Our 5 guidelines:

1. Renewable raw materials from sustainable sources
2. Wide use of bio-based raw materials in the synthesis of the product
3. Lower environmental impact, greater safety in the workplace
4. Satisfaction of the highest quality standards
5. Reduction of raw materials of petroleum origin

Our wet end products for high renewability

In the existing portfolio, Codyeco offers in its Codyeco wet end ranges the following products which we recommend for high renewability of bio-based origin. Per category the key products are:

ChemicalLevel of renewability
Re-tanning agents
Biopoltan PA94%
Biopoltan BP100%
Biopoltan TDA94%
Filler X100%
Biopolicker SSC71%
Sultan SZ90%
Fospholiker MRC82%
Fospholiker AM 26277%
Sultan 86-CGG85%
Fosfoil 88-G79%

The goals in terms of renewability and circular economy

Codyeco aims to promote and use chemicals based on renewable ingredients and, at the same time, seeks to increase the degree of renewability of products already present in the range. The long-term goal is to have leather chemicals completely based on renewable sources.

Additionally, Codyeco aims to make those new leather chemicals renewable or organic (totally or partially) innovative and that provide excellent performance on the skin, have good biodegradability, can be easily used by tanneries or by tanning operators during the production process, and can be easily treated by purification plants, with minimal environmental impact.

Renewable chemicals supplied by Codyeco will have to fully meet the criteria of circular economy, in order to maintain the value of the products, of the materials and resources, minimizing waste. Not all of these aspects will be achievable immediately but the products in this range represent a first big step forward in this direction in the Wet-End sector.

Definitions and calculation method

The renewability of the finished product provides an indication of the quantity of renewable raw materials used for its production. For this reason, all the raw materials used by Codyeco are attributed, at the time of their entry, a renewability value calculated on the basis of the nature and origin of the raw material, the supplier’s declarations, or the C14 analysis carried out using the ASTM method. D6866.

Some examples:

  •  Mineral oil, 0% renewable
  • Phenol, 0% renewable
  • 5 moles ethoxylated rapeseed oil, 75% renewable
  • Whole rapeseed oil, 100% renewable
  • Polymer derived from biomass, 100% renewable

The recipe of the finished product is thus used to calculate the total renewable matter content of the re-tanning or fatliquors. The calculation is based on the active material only, so water is not considered part of the product.

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