Leather Dyes by Codyeco

Let us show you our true colours

Leather Dyes Collection by Codyeco

As Italian-based experts, we have been making the finest dyestuffs since 1976. Today, we are keen to offer sustainable alternatives as well, without compromising on performance. This ambition, together with years of experience and our Italian aesthetic, all come together in three uniquely colorful dye ranges.

Discover our Wet-End Dyes collection: Metal-Free, Metal-Complex, and Superb Fastness.

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Metal-Free Dyes

Novalite MF

A unique, colourful range of sustainable leather wet-end dyes, without compromising on performance.

Metal-Complex Dyes

Novalite MC

A dazzling array of high quality metal-complex wet-end dyes.

Superb Fastness Dyes

Novalite MF and Novalite MC

A superb fastness collection of wet-end dyes. This range has been carefully developed to demonstrate superior light fastness, PVC migration and washing and perspiration properties.

Less Dye. More colour.
The benefits of Codyeco Leather Dyes:

  • Pure colours
  • Consistent high-quality dyes
  • Choice between metal-free and a mix of metals
  • All dyes are ZHDC compliant (and contain therefore less metals)
  • Excellent light fastness and PVC migration
  • Consistent washable solutions

At Codyeco, we are not afraid to show our true colours. We stand for making the entire leather value chain environmentally and socially sustainable, together with you. We work hard to provide sustainable alternatives for finishing and wet-end, including metal-free dyes. This is our way of making a difference. Codyeco is a royal Smit & Zoon company.

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