Codyeco at Phygital Sustainability Expo in Rome

Collaboration Codyeco, Nera, and Ilaria Toncelli at Phygital Sustainability Expo

Codyeco, the Italian expert in leather finishing and wet-end, Nera, manufacturer of sustainable tanning agent Zeology, and Ilaria Toncelli, contemporary artist and fashion designer, combined their efforts at Phygital Sustainability Expo the 11-12 July in Rome.

Ilaria Toncelli created a unique sustainable fashion collection called Dress your Soul. The material she used to create it is biodegradable and compostable leather, tanned with Zeology and finished by Codyeco.


The Event

The third edition of the Phygital Sustainability Expo was held in Rome on 11 and 12 July 2022, at the Mercati di Traiano 113 AD, in the archaeological complex of the Museum of the Fori Imperiali.
The Phygital Sustainability Expo was the first and only event in Italy exclusively dedicated to the eco-sustainable transition of fashion and design brands through technological innovation.

About Ilaria Toncelli and «Sorry I`m Different» Brand

The “DIFFERENT” company was founded in 2017 as an individual company founded by the entrepreneur Ilaria Toncelli operating in the fashion sector since 1996 to support a fashion brand project called “SORRY I’M DIFFERENT” and tells an important story that spans three generations mother, businesswoman, and daughter.

The brand’s goal is to create an ecosystem between companies/industries to increase the value of production and local products, extend the life cycle of materials, increase the value of timeless and seasonless clothes, and reduce the amount of polluting products for the environment.

About Codyeco

Codyeco is the Italian specialist for beamhouse, wet-end, and leather finishing. With innovative technical and chemical solutions, as well as more sustainable use of natural resources we aim to satisfy your needs. Codyeco is a brand of Royal Smit & Zoon.

About Nera

Nera is the frontrunner in the leather tanning industry with its innovative Zeology tanning agent which enables biodegradable and compostable leather. Zeology is chrome-free, aldehyde-free, and heavy metal-free. Nera is a brand of Royal Smit & Zoon.