Codyeco, as part of the Smit & Zoon Group, is a great place to work and our people are our most important asset. Working at Codyeco means also being part of Smit & Zoon., a 7th generation family owned company. A company with an impressive history and a modern and innovative attitude. At Codyeco we are always looking for talent to join us and support us towards ‘ creating sustainable leather together’. Because leather is our passion, it is the essence of what we do!

What can Codyeco offer you?

  • A challenging working environment with opportunities to develop your talents
  • A good salary and additional employment conditions
  • Being part of a company with a leading role to make the industry more sustainable
  • A long-term focus, visible in the desire for fixed contracts
  • A healthy work/life balance

More than 400 employees worldwide have chosen Smit & Zoon because of the opportunities we can offer them. They are our specialists in a wide range of fields, like production, supply chain, customer service, research & development, sales and finance. In all of these fields, our employees use an innovative and modern way of thinking, which doesn’t only ensure continuity for the company but also an attractive and responsible job for themselves.

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Meet the board

Family values, beliefs and ambitions represent the driving forces behind a culture of sustainability.

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Future colleagues

To be working at Smit & Zoon is to be part of our Smit Family. We are proud to introduce some of our highly driven team members.

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Our Ambition is to create a leather value chain that is socially and environmentally sustainable

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