Trends in Leather & Fashion by Codyeco '23

Be inspired and discover the fashion trends, and our collection, for Autumn Winter 2023/2024

Fashion Trends Autumn-Winter 2023/2024

For season fall winter 2023/2024, Codyeco has developed four scenarios to properly mirror the future market’s demands. The starting inspirational key was the strong feeling of reconnecting with the surrounding elements in order to regenerate and retrieve our true emotions.

Earth Connection to recreate a perfect symbiosis with nature and elements from terrain and earth,  Restorative to awaken feelings of wellness and balance, Metauniverse to connect with new digital and virtual horizons, and finally Mystic to be able to embrace and rediscover our deepest self by being enveloped into dreamlike and mystery charged dimensions.

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This scenario comes from the need to reconnect with nature in order to find answers able to reassure our existence. The innate relationship with earth-related elements such as moss, soil, and rocks, is capable of immersing us into a perfect synergy with it.


A chromatic range coming alive by drawing from the typical autumn palettes. Forest green natural shades are prevailing, while earthy oranges with mineral reds and browns are able to add an organic and vegetal balance to the whole range.



Nowadays, wellness is intended both as a state of mind and as a philosophical approach to transforming our homes and spaces into shelters. This scenario is actually exploring this essential and poetic dimension, where to wander in a perfect balance with the environment around us.


A palette emanating deep sensations of peace and tranquility. Brown and neutrals tones are reassuring while peaceful pastel tones like pink and green-blues nostalgically caress our memories into a deep mixture of relaxation and calm.



This scenario is born from the growing interest towards the metaverse. It is now clear that in the future, because of virtual and augmented reality improvements, we will get familiar with visual and tactile unusual or weird mixtures, capable of confusing and increasing at the same time our senses.


A color palette to narrate a parallel dimension, made of bright and multicolor tints. Tonalities, stolen from the screen and digital world, mix into a sort of virtual euphoria, where neon accents and purplish tints are flanked to pure pinks and galactic blues.



The scenario comes from the need to understand the surrounding reality, sometimes uncertain and destabilizing. To answer this feeling, the reaction is to direct our interest towards more spiritual and mystic situations, moving among muffled and nocturnal atmospheres.


A color palette built on a totally dark base where purplish, reddish, and blue tints have a depth that brings them closer to total dark although always letting a glimmer of light in. Reinforcing the harmony, a twilight steel grey capable to give a mystical aura.

The chromatic palettes trace tonalities and shades that inspired the research for the four proposed scenarios. Colors with different souls coexist, among mineral greens and browns emerging from natural scenarios until the dominance of pink and beige neutral tonalities and reassuring tints.

Drawing from the digital world’s palette more saturated and strong colours emerge such as neon accents or galactic blues. Of great relevance will be the dark tints such as blue, purple, and burgundy which are painting themselves black and replacing their classical role.

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