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Codyeco Collection '23

Be inspired and discover the fashion trends, and our collection, for Spring Summer 2023

Fashion Trends 2023 by Codyeco

We proudly present our collection for Spring & Summer 2022. Codyeco is the Italian specialist for leather finishing solutions and setting the trends for fashion houses when it comes to colors, textures, and sensations.

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The search for quiet and calm-related feelings is dominant in this scenario. Empty spaces and places, capable of instilling wellness and relaxation, become the perfect theatre for products and items narrated with a calm and delicate approach.​


A color range whispering emotions through delicate breaths of wind. A palette featured by nude and neutral shades, caressed by dusty pastel tints illuminated by tepid glares. The clever mix of chromatic gradations enhances the feeling of calm and tranquillity.​



Outdoor life becomes the perfect inspiration for this scenario where typical elements from meadows and fields are dominant. The cleanliness feeling of clothes hanging in the sun with freshly harvested flowers gives a sensation of general freshness.​


A typically spring color range, with a fresh and clean impact. Pastel hues come alive by inspiration to rural flowers, while sky blue and field green define and enhance the natural element featuring this chromatic harmony. ​​

Fully charged


The unstoppable search for optimism and vivacity takes shape through this scenario full of color and joy of living. A complete energy recharge, capable to return lightheartedness and desire for fun and able to awaken even the most sleepy souls.


A color range featured by bright tints, lively, and fully summer. Solar yellows alternate with light blue-greens reminding of sea shades, while vitaminic oranges are flanked to deep reds and cyclamen pink.​



The scenario comes alive from the constant relation we have in everyday life between the digital world and the physical one. The translation of the perfect mix among virtual and earthly worlds creates an evanescent universe, undefined, with rare charm and beauty.​


An ephemeral color range, intangible, made of acidic pastel hues with impalpable luminosity and freshness. Each color has its own particular light and the perfect mix among each other creates visually alluring harmonies, thanks to purplish and salmon pinks, crystal light-blues and solarized oranges. ​​

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