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Season: Autumn-Winter 2024/2025

Codyeco is the Italian specialist in leather finishing for fashion articles. Creating colors and textures for footwear, garments, bags, belt and other leather goods. For fall/winter 2024/2025, Codyeco has developed four scenarios to better reflect the future market needs. The core element and narration topic is represented by nature.

In the STRONG scenario, a nature featured by strength and power emerges, connected to soil and terrain, while the need to retrieve a relaxed dimension and more introspective makes a calmer nature come out in the theme REFUGE, where visual and tactile elements, capable of embracing quiet and relax feeling, can be found.

With EXPERIMENTAL, instead, and again thanks to the consolidated trend of the multiverse, nature is unusual and watched through infrared lens, a completely different concept for ARCHAIC where nature shows itself without masks, in its more rawest and and more realistic primordial and authentic identity.

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The adventures related to space explorations are bringing the attention towards those unknown territories and showing the universe to our eyes as an increasingly fascinating world. In this scenario, those geological elements, with energy and strength features released from the earth in all its magnificence and power, are explored.

A chromatic palette with a strong and firm temper where reddish and orangish shades are prevailing. Denser and darker reds alternate to others with a brighter and fiery soul, while oxidized oranges coexist with brown shades and earthy tints. To complete the harmony, a rich and dark purple, capable of inglobate into its density the bright shades of the other colors.


Confronting the various uncertainties that life puts in front of us, either political or environmental, we passionately wish for moments to take a break from reality. In this scenario we embrace loneliness and value the importance of relax, of regain and introspection, into an intimate dimension capable of cuddling us and make us feel good.

An extremely reassuring palette composed mostly by neutral and classical tints.
Colors non-colors, in a perfect harmony with each other and into a delicate balance between warm and cold. Shades capable of giving deep peace and tranquillity feelings thanks to the use of beige, tepid yellow shades and velvet, smooth grays.


This senario is an actual daydream, where to be attracted by dreamlike expressions in order to transcend reality and dive into landscapes where to confuse natural and digital. The multiverse trend, even more present, is the reading key of the scenario that shows an unusual nature, seen through infrared lens.

The colors of the scenario tap into natural worlds but computer modified, where palettes from digital universes come alive. Cherry red, exuberant and charismatic, is calibrated by light ad bright pastels such as green and pink, while primary colors, like yellow and blue, reinforce the visual experience creating a balance between real and unreal worlds.


This scenario invites us to walk into wild and arid lands, sometimes hostile, both for a sense of escaping, isolating, and a simple adventure discovery. A deeply primitive theme capable of having us reconnect with our darkest roots, and that fascinates and brings us towards an underground dimension.

A color harmony capable of narrating a palette dominated by dark tones, earthly, and with its key in the green shades. The dominating tones, in this harmony, have a soul that reminds of burnt wood, carved, and wild terrains clods. Black, the dark element by excellence, is flanked to bronze brown and nocturnal maroons and dragged into a primitive and archaic flavored world.

The chromatic palettes emerging from the different scenarios have the natural element as reading key. The tones range goes from those connected to the earth and its elements, like lava red, iron oxidized orange, uncultivated terrains browns, to the brighter yellow, blue and frozen pastels shades.

The importance of authentic and classical nuances of warm and cold beiges and of velvet-touch grays is reassuring. Darker tones are not missing in the variations of browns and earthy greens that remind of burnt woods, peat and terrain and moss shades.

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