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With its state-of-the-art machinery, the laboratory is committed to performing scrupulous quality control on all the products used in the tanning industry, from incoming raw materials to outgoing finished products, from beamhouse to finishing.

The quality laboratories are located at the head office and at the production sites, and guarantee the traceability of all batches produced and sold.



To enhance the service component offered to customers, Codyeco has efficient laboratories dedicated to physical testing of skins.

In these laboratories we test the physical resistance of the skins not only in accordance with official international technical specifications, but also with customer specifications.

Every year over two thousand tests are performed..



The research and development laboratories are home to the research technicians specifically dedicated to creating innovative solutions and products, all in compliance with European regulations (e.g. Reach) and those established at international level.

The partnerships with major research centres on the one hand, and the location at the production sites on the other, guarantee that the most advanced discoveries are combined with the most practical industrialisation demands.

And there’s more: Codyeco research is permeated by the philosophy of safeguarding against environmental impact, moving towards low environmental impact, ecosustainable materials such as the by-products obtained from the recycling of other processing waste. In this way the company aims to reduce the use of raw materials from fossil-derived chemicals.

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