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The company’s pride and strength, the technical field places Codyeco at a level higher than that of its competitors.

The technical laboratories in Santa Croce sull’Arno (Pisa), Arzignano (Vicenza) and Solofra (Avellino) are true experimental tanneries, where all the skin processing stages are reproduced and tested, from initial preparation to finishing

Designed on the lines of latest generation methods and managed by a staff of highly qualified technical experts, the laboratories operate tirelessly to solve the problems that affect customers, proposing customised solutions that are the result of ongoing technological research conducted by Codyeco.

But the task of experimental tanning goes beyond proposing solutions to everyday problems: here we elaborate new application solutions, seeking to be ahead of the trends that will affect the market in the future.

The laboratories are in constant contact with the Codyeco’s distribution network technicians around the world, and not only: they occasionally play host to customers based in other countries to update them on new recipes and proposals launched on the market.

Symposiums are also held by Codyeco with Italian and international technicians for the exchange of information on respective experiences in the field and for updates on new products developed.


New product development never ceases, as it is dictated by incessant demand for the updating of collections that arrive from the major luxury brands.

In partnership with external fashion chain organisations, Codyeco prepares, develops and directly proposes to its customers new articles revamped on the basis of the latest “Spring-Summer” and “Autumn-Winter” trends.


The technical laboratories in charge of the wetting phase of skin processing have around forty various-sized drums, three vacuum dryers and five presses. All the main mechanical skin processing operations are also carried out here (setting-out, vacuum-drying, drying, pressing).

At these laboratories an average of 2000 re-tanning processes are performed every year on all types of skins and 600 colour reproductions for Italian and international customers.

It is in the Beamhouse & wet-end laboratories that the articles used by the fashion houses are produced for leather goods and footwear, as well as specific furnishing products. Codyeco has a strong tradition of velour article development on wet blue skins and splits (calfskin, goatskin, etc.).


There is a special focus on dyes, which have always been one of Codyeco’s strengths. Careful selection of the range of colours, testing their application, assisting in the setup of samples for customers: these operations always aim to create value for the customers.


For the finishing stage, spraying booths, two roll coaters, drying tunnels, presses and three milling drums are available.

Every year the finishing laboratories perform finishing on over 300 skins of all types and make colour reproductions for Italian and international customers on over 2000 skins, again of all types.

Here, in particular, we study the visual and tactile effects of a variety of articles for leather goods and footwear. Methods and applications are also studied to improve skins also with more inexpensive sources and qualities.

It is important to mention the focus on environmental issues, which in recent years has seen the migration from solvent to water-based finishing, giving a cleaner, less pollutant finish of benefit both to the environment and to operators.

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